Kelly J. Cooper (kjc) wrote in finditnix,
Kelly J. Cooper

Finding vaguely remembered books...

Hey Nix,

Which resources are best for finding books that I (or friends) vaguely remember reading when we were kids, but can't remember the titles? As an added bonus, it would be nice if it were free.

Stump The Bookseller charges $2. The Find A Book community doesn't really get a lot of traffic. Various other communities I've tried over the years haven't been very helpful.

Alternately, if you could find this book I read when I was a kid (1970's probably, definitely before 1985) about these kids (I think it was more than one) making friends with fuzzy little creatures (with - I think - big feet and black hair/fur) who live in a swamp or under the house. They tend to multiply like tribbles when X happens (I can't remember the catalyst) and very soon, X happens and their population explodes. Adventure ensues, which of course leads to chaos, and inevitably to tragedy. In the end, some human problems are resolved, but everyone thinks the little creatures are dead, but there's a hint that they may not be. The worst part? I remember the creatures being called "Mugwumps" - you can't do a search on this without running into the works and weird realities of William S. Burroughs. It had some black and white illustrations, but it was not a picture book. I remember a white hard cover with a colorful picture in the middle on the front, but that might be an hallucination.

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