'Rin (rintheamazing) wrote in finditnix,

C103 Moncton

I need to find out how many staff (part time and full time) are employed by C103, a classic rock station in Moncton New Brunswick. I've been to their website http://www.c103.com but it's only got a contact list, not a total number of employees. I can't seem to figure out where to search for this information.
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lol well that's a new one...honestly that's the type of thing you probably have to pay to find out, but i'd suggest calling them saying you're writing an article for some made up college newsletter and ask them.
I've emailed several people, but only one wrote back, and I didn't think to ask him that the first time. When I called, the office was already closed, because I forgot about the time difference.

I thought maybe if there was some sort of financial report on the station somewhere, I might be able to get some numbers from that, but so far, I haven't been able to track one down.